How Essential Oils Can Transform Your Life

I live in the western world where amazon will deliver pretty much anything same day, processed food, caffeine, sugar and alcohol are weekly if not daily indulgences.  I was overweight, lethargic, I am sure my kids would say a little moody and although definitely not unhappy I wasn’t energetic and healthy.  During the COVID-19 pandemic I decided to do something about it. Instead of sitting with a glass (or two) of wine every night indulging in Netflix for a few hours I decided to do some e Learning. Followed by days, weeks and months of research on natural products, essential oils, self-healing and meditation.  Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t started praying naked to the moon or anything, but instead looked at what I could achieve taking small steps towards a more holistic approach to life for me and my three children.

Essential Oils

CAUTION: There is a whole world of advice and guidance on essential oil out there on the internet.  Please be careful as some of it is great, but there is also a lot of misguided misinformed individuals out there that provide recipes and uses that can be VERY dangerous. 

I love essential oils, a little drop of lavender on my pillow before bed, tea tree products on bad skin, but have never really delved into home made products and complimentary therapy.  You can easily get a diploma in essential oils online. I have 4 from different companies, one only took me 1 hour and I learnt very little. However I found a very comprehensive level 3 diploma that took me 3 months to complete. I certainly do not claim to know everything about essential oils, but have a comprehensive knowledge of the 30 most popular ones now. 

I also purchased the Tisserand second edition essential oil safety guide. This is basically an encyclopaedia on all essential oils, listing the adverse effects and appropriate usage quantities for each oil, it’s a must have for anyone dabbling in home products. I also highly recommend the ‘The healing power of essential oils’ as an introductory book to essential oils for anyone wanting to know more.

There are a few use cases I wanted to use essential oils as a complementary therapy for. I have listed them below with links on how to make these blends. You will need a few key pieces of equipment to make these recipes, a list of these is available here.

Hormonal Tweenager:

My daughter is 11, she has some anxiety and mood swings due to raging hormones. I knew that I suffered terribly during my monthly cycle with cramps, poor skin and feeling lethargic.  After lots of trial and error with essential oils we had a number of different blends to help her. 6 months later she is managing her symptoms much better. She also has a healthy interest in essential oils and meditation herself (previously she would have been watching friends on repeat while applying, removing and re-applying make up!)

Stressed out Parents

With the world of 2020 being completely insane; parents at home with children full time for months on end unable to leave the house, job losses left right and centre and very little physical contact its understandable that stress levels were running high.

As much as it was a blessing having my family under one roof, safe from the world outside, it was also very challenging, home schooling and working full time. Worrying about what happens next, worrying about my extended family, my elderly parent, my asthmatic son.  I know I had it easy in comparison to others, but that didn’t mean my body wasn’t constantly on edge.  The human body was only ever supposed to have high stress levels when evading danger. When the body has elevated chemical reactions for long periods of time it stops to work so efficiently. Where previously I may have taken some time out, gone for a long walk alone or even a massage I was unable to do this so the following were created

Breathe Easy    

My son is Asthmatic, its managed brilliantly through the steroid inhalers our GP provides. However when he gets a cough or cold it flairs up a lot, so to help him breath more easily and relax so he can sleep we experimented with a number of different blends and holistic medication options to compliment his asthma medicine.  These also work brilliantly for the rest of the family when we get a chesty virus

Bug spray

Mosquito’s LOVE my blood.  My body gets eaten alive while anyone else sat in the room doesn’t get one bite.  I have used a lot of different commercial chemical sprays and they do work, but they are very strong and have high chemical content.  I wanted a more natural approach. The following blend is tried and tested by me and my family. It is brilliant at deterring those little suckers, it can also be added to home made candles.

Hand Sanitiser

Obviously given the current pandemic this recipe has been a life saver for us. This is more of a sanitiser spray. I use it on the trolley when shopping and even on my clothing after a trip to the supermarket.  You have to make sure you get the correct alcohol content, or it will not be as effective in killing bugs, so please ensure that is correct.  It is strong, but the essential oils I add make it a little less harsh on the skin.  It is also extremely flammable so please be careful!


I am passionate about helping others use natural products and holistic medicines to help live a healthier life

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  1. Anon says:

    Love these recipes, thank you so much for sharing! I will definitely give some a go. Do you have any recommendations on essential oil suppliers?

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